About #hugeheart

Mission Statement

#hugeheart is a non-profit student lead philanthropic organization with the mission of positively impacting communities by sharing the power of kindness.

Guiding Principles

We will lead by example –by leaning in to opportunities to help our community.

We will build each other up with kindness, encouragement, compassion and support.

We will be respectful to everyone and embrace alternative ideas and points of view- we value diversity.

We understand that developing leadership skills is to take risks;  part of the process is to learn from when you fail and succeed.

#hugeheart is a term that founder, Deneen Spaniol, referenced to highlight acts of generosity and leadership that her daughter, (and co-founder) Alena would instinctually do for others. As an outcome, the brand and tagline #hugeheart…sharing the power of kindness was created.

Why #hugeheart?