Upcoming Projects

  • Christmas in June

Similar to events held in December, coordination of collecting toys, stuffed animals, and other gifts that will be wrapped in Christmas wrapping.  #hugeheart leaders will visit sick children in local hospital to spread “Christmas in June” cheer.


  • Fashionista Day

Clothing drive where #hugeheart leaders will fully wardrobe under-privileged  girls with a fashionable assemble including shoes, nail polish and accessories –sure to make any girl feel great about herself.

  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Water

#hh Ambassador Leaders and members who are also competitive swimmers will volunteer their time to teach swimming lessons.

  • Run For a Cause

Organizing a 5K aligning to a various community causes.

  • Birthday Box for Homeless

Girls will organize and create birthday boxes to share and celebrate with local homeless shelters. 

  • Game Night

Girls will organize a fun night of playing games with those in senior citizen and assisted living facilities.

  • Baking Day for First Responders

Girls will organize a baking days and share homemade desserts with community first responders along with notes of appreciation.

…and many more projects are in the works!