#hugeheart Accomplishments

  • Hurricane Relief Efforts

In 72 hours, the #hh Ambassador Leaders were able to generate in excess of $650 of donations that transcended into 3 SUV-loads of personal effects, toys and clothing items in addition to hand written notes to the hurricane victims.

  • Back Pack/Luggage Drive

In an effort to support a group of hurricane victims with basic travel needs, #hh leaders organized a back pack/ luggage drive.  In 48 hours, their efforts resulted in donations of over 50 travel items to support a group that were displaced.

  • Set Up Crew for local Community Event

Assisted in set up efforts for a local St Charles organization in preparation for their annual gala.

  • Northern Illinois  Food Bank

Ambassador Leaders and parents volunteered at Northern Illinois Food Bank to assist with solving hunger by providing nutritious meals to hungry neighbors in 13 Illinois counties.

  • Christmas Gift Box Drive

Provided support to a local church by collecting and filling Christmas Boxes that were donated to children living in 3rd World Countries.

  • Blanket Drive

Assembled over 60 hand-made blankets that were donated as Christmas presents to an Assisted Living Facility, Animal Shelter and US Veterans shelter.

  • Meal Preparation for a local Family in Need

A local family experienced a medical hard-ship that was impactful to their family.  The leaders organized a meal drive that encompassed meal preparation and delivery to lend support.

  • Video

Several Ambassador Leaders participated as cast members in a video promoting a local community event.

  • Charity Ambassadors Liasons

#hugheart Ambassador Leaders engaged as liaisons between their peers and a local non-profit organization to support a week long kindness initiative.  Their responsibilities included marketing material preparations as well as school and extra-curricular activities that included outreach and speaking engagements.